Dejavoo Z6 | EMV PIN Pad | PCI Compliant


The Dejavoo Z6 PIN pad is both PCI compliant and EMV compliant. It features a convenient EMV slot for EMV transactions to be completed in a flash. The large color display, which is also touch screen for signatures, is a great feature for seamless transactions. The Z6 also features a built-in NFC (contactless) reader for even shorter transaction times in your store.

The Dejavoo Z6 PIN pad does not connect to a credit card terminal like a traditional PIN pad. It connects via Ethernet so that the credit card terminal picks up on the signal from the PIN pad and works via CGI Semi-Integration.

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The Dejavoo Z6 is easily one of the best designed PIN pads on the market today. With features like a user-friendly interface, secure and compliant software, the Z6 by Dejavoo Systems makes it easy to run credit and debit transactions with speed and accuracy. The Dejavoo Z6 is compact and easy to use because of it’s ATM-style interface and color display. The Dejavoo Z6 pin pad can be used with any one of Dejavoo’s EMV and PCI compliant terminals to enhance the experience of your customers by giving them an added option for secure transactions.

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