Exadigm NX1200 Credit Card Terminal | EMV | NFC | Dual Comm


The rugged and robust Exadgim NX1200 brings speed and next generation technology to your sales counter. The NX1200 is EMV ready and has a large memory capacity that makes it easy to upgrade software that helps the terminal perform better. The integrated printer is easy to load and placed on the back of the terminal so you can use the NX1200 without compromising other space on your sales counter. The NX1200 can connect to Ethernet or Dial (phone line) as backup.

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The NX1200 from Exadigm is PCI compliant and EMV compliant. Every transaction run on the NX1200 is 100{836d86a7964457cb60e9f1f0df5d3ccff1073a05ea00922bd7d4ef40e32bd335} encrypted by Visa and MasterCard approved security software. The NX1200 has a compact size so you can easily place it on your sales counter and not give up the space you need to run your business efficiently.

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