First Data FD130 Duo | EMV | PCI Compliant


The First Data FD130 gives you bang for your buck. Both the FD130 credit card terminal and FD35 PIN pad are EMV capable, allowing your customers to run transactions the way they want. The FD35 PIN pad is basically a smaller version of the FD130. The FD35 is not on EMV capable, but it comes with a built-in NFC/contactless reader, and it can accept credit transactions as well. You will have the complete package at your sales counter with the FD130 Duo.

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The FD130 Duo from First Data is EMV compliant and PCI compliant. Every transaction run through the credit card terminal or PIN pad is 100{836d86a7964457cb60e9f1f0df5d3ccff1073a05ea00922bd7d4ef40e32bd335} encrypted and backed by industry standard security software which has been approved by Visa and MasterCard. The FD130 duo comes with the FD35 PIN pad, already encrypted and ready to use.

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