Ingenico iCT250 EMV | Contactless | Dual Comm | PCI Compliant


The Ingenico iCT250 is designed for maximum efficiency in your business and seamless transactions for your customers. The iCT 250 features the latest in payment acceptance – EMV / chip & pin, NFC / contactless / tap & pay, and PIN debit are all able to be run on the iCT250. The small, hand-held design allows you to bring in this robust piece of equipment without giving up virtually any of your countertop space that you need.

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The Ingenico iCT250 is PCI compliant and EMV compliant – ensuring that all of your customer’s transactions are 100{836d86a7964457cb60e9f1f0df5d3ccff1073a05ea00922bd7d4ef40e32bd335} encrypted by Visa and MasterCard approved security software. The Ingenico iCT250 has a compact design so customers can easily complete their PIN debit and EMV transactions by picking up the iCT250 and taking security into their own hands. The Ingenico iCT250 also features a full color display which helps customers see every bit of information they need to when completing their transactions with you.

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