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The futuristic-looking PAX D210 is the epitome of a next generation credit card terminal. It’s compact design and and full color display give it a sophisticated look that will have customers asking questions about it at the register. This version of the PAX D210 connects to your WiFi network which allows you to take it anywhere in your store. You can also do transactions on the go so long as you have connection to a secure WiFi network. The D210 is PCI and EMV compliant which means each and every transaction accepted on it is 100{836d86a7964457cb60e9f1f0df5d3ccff1073a05ea00922bd7d4ef40e32bd335} encrypted and backed by Visa and MasterCard approved security software. Your customers will never have to question if their information is safe when running a transaction in your store.

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The PAX D210 wireless terminal has the ability to connect via BlueTooth, 3G, or GPRS network. Whichever one you prefer, the D210 can accommodate your needs so that you can run your business the way you need to. It’s lightweight design allows for it to be safely stored and carried with you on the go.

The PAX D210 is PCI compliant and EMV compliant.

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