PAX S90 Wireless + EMV


The PAX S90 is a wireless credit card terminal with next generation features to keep you up-to-date, never having to turn a customer down for payment acceptance reasons. The S90 is EMV capable, and can also accept credit, PIN debit, and comes with a built-in contactless reader (optional). The PAX S90 is has a rugged, durable exterior, but a user-friendly interface so that your customers are familiar with the layout of the buttons. Transactions can be completed in no time and, virtually in any place. The S90 can connect to the GPRS or 3G network which gives you a very wide range of coverage.

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The wireless PAX S90 is PCI compliant and EMV compliant. It connects to the 3G or GPRS network and has a large memory capacity for seamless performance no matter where you are. The battery in the PAX S90 is large so that once fully charged, you have a long time to use it. This comes in handy if you are on the go and cannot stop to charge the battery frequently.

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