PAX S900 Wireless Credit Card Terminal | EMV | GPRS | Contactless


The PAX S900 is a true next generation credit card terminal. It’s wireless connection options are either 3G or GPRS, a wide range of coverage perfect for conducting business on the go. It’s processor is powerful which allows each transaction to be done seamlessly, without any lag time or frequent errors. It’s large touch-screen display is a crowd-pleaser, making transactions fun with it’s large full color screen. The S900 also supports HD images and video which come in handy as an advertising tool.

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The PAX S900 comes with GPRS and 3G connection options. It also features a large touch-screen display which is in full color. The rugged exterior is built to withstand the wear and tear wireless terminals usually see when they are constantly being transported. The S900 is solid in that regard, yet it is still able to fit in your hand with ease.

The PAX S900 is PCI and EMV compliant.

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