Verifone VX520 | EMV | Dual Comm | PCI Compliant


The Verifone VX520 is PCI compliant and EMV compliant. It’s full color, back-lit display shows all the details of each transaction so that everything is clearly visible for the cardholder. The VX520 dual comm has both dial and internet connection options. The VX520 can be used in conjunction with the Verifone VX 805 pin pad, in case customers need a little more room and security to enter their personal PIN numbers. While it is not a requirement with this model, it can be used if need be.

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The Verifone VX520 delivers a well-rounded mix of technology and security which is perfect for retail business owners today. This version of the Verifone VX520 has both dial and internet connection options (usually with dial as back up and internet as primary). The VX520 is both PCI and EMV compliant, which means security standards are met and every transaction is encrypted – 100{836d86a7964457cb60e9f1f0df5d3ccff1073a05ea00922bd7d4ef40e32bd335}. The VX520’s design is compact which allows for the terminal to be handed over customers so they can complete their EMV transactions.

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